MASH Survival Kit 1000 – 1000 mg. Pure CBD Oil, Full Strength 2000 mg.Freeze Gel “0” THC

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The MASH survival Kit is a must for Maximum Relief of Pain and Inflammation. Combine our strongest topical CBD products to feel the soothing relief of pain and inflammation for enhanced muscle recovery. Plus our Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for increased health and vitality. Topical Freeze Gel contains 2000mg. CBD and “0”THC; Tactical Balms contains 500 mg. CBD; Our Tincture of pure CBD contains 1000 mg. Full Spectrum. Created for veterans and designed by veterans to help with PTSD, sleep disorders, anxiety, pain, and a number of other physical ailments.

Our Tactical Freeze Gel cools to numb pain and then heats up to relax it away. Remarkably fast-acting and effective. Rubs in quickly and does not leave skin oily. This product is one of the best “Freeze Gels” on the market today. A topical analgesic blended with 2000mg of raw CBD to help soothe minor muscle aches & joint pains.

Our Tactical Balm will melt the pain and stress away! Upon being rubbed into an inflamed area it first opens the pores with camphor and menthol, both known for cooling the skin, increasing blood flow, relieving pain, and fighting swelling due to infection and irritation. The clove oil stimulates the Eccrine glands, promotes circulation, while drawing toxins from the body and aiding the CBD to enter the skin to help relieve aching muscles and painful joints naturally. The Shea butter and bees wax act as skin emollients moisturizing and softening the skin while the peppermint and cinnamon oil give our Tactical Balm a light, pleasant, refreshing smell.


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