Paul H.Pineville NC

I use the Mango CBD Oil Tincture 1000 mg. As an amputee I suffer from phantom pain & polyneuropathy especially in winter with damp cold weather. For the first time in over a year I have been pain free. I highly recommend this product. It beats the hell out of the cocktail pills my doctors had me on. I was a walking zombie. Now I’ve Got my normal clear thinking back. Thank You!

Ray E. El Cajon, CA

MASH Hemp Tactical Balm and Athletic Freeze Gel brought relief to my joints and muscles like no other product I have used. Thirty years ago I destroyed my back, hips, knees and shoulders as a Marine Infantry Officer. Finally a product I can use without resorting to prescription medication or endless amounts of over the counter products. There is hope now that I can live without being in constant discomfort and pain. Thank you Sherm and MASH Hemp!

Amy M. – Phoenix, AZ

Amazing products. I ordered the freeze gel for me, 2 freeze gels for the kids (niece and nephew). Both were amazing! I also ordered the CBD oil which worked out because my pain management Dr. took me off Ibuprofen until my blood pressure lowers, I was in a lot of pain, until I remembered I had the oil. My pain is low enough for me to work my shifts again. Thank You MASH!

John – Colorado Springs, CO

I use the Freeze Gel. It works and works fast! Really helps with my pain!

Jacqueline – Colorado Springs, CO

I won’t leave the house without the freeze gel in my purse. I have pain constantly in both knees and this is the only thing that gives me any relief!

John H. – Colorado Springs, CO

I love this container…. Wow does this help my pain!

Tony P. – Aurora, CO

This is definitely the Best Pain Relief product I have every used; it works fast and is long lasting. Thank You so much.

Randy M. – Worcester, MA

Thanks Sherm,
While not a cure, the wife says that the 1000mg 2x a day is making a world of difference. Started with 1 a day on Jan 6 and 7 to make sure she didn’t have any side effects, Jan 8 was her first morning taking it and she said it made a world of difference. We are going to try an afternoon dose as well this weekend to see if 3x a day helps more. It would be great if you had some bottles without the damn childproof caps though 🙂